Did you care?

I was willing enough to understand what

was committed

Through the mess

Even though you got undressed

I didn’t care that you did me wrong

I loved you no matter the cost

But somehow

You still chose you


I’ve been hollowed

Soul feels defiled

I’m here left to wallow

And while you move on

I’m still in denial

someone who loves you


Why I’m glad she didn’t say excuse me.

I am unsure of what is socially acceptable at times. I regrettably admit that I am always conscious of whether I am within the norm. Have I yet dared to boldly step outside the lines? No. I still am hesitant to wear something too unique, or express my personality too brazenly.

Why is it so easy for the population to jump to a conclusion. Then, just as rapidly, they spread judgement and malice. Sharp words are exchanged between people who will never get to know each other.

All the pain, is like a virus, which is free and easily contracted. Choose what you want to fill the world with, because so many emotions are free. Love, kindness, and benevolence come without a price .

From the moment the first rays of the morning hit your beautiful and caring face. Strive to be the change. Know that your action have power. Expressing who you are isn’t living brazenly, it’s living confidently. Speaking up about an issue isn’t obnoxious it’s brave. Remember at any age, in any place, you have the power to impact and make lasting change.

My goal as of late has been to break free of the social norm and live fearlessly. To truly be light. Go through the day complete, no hesitation. Knowing there are things to be loved, lives to shaped, and people to help.

This of course includes bettering ones own self. So when someone clips your shoulder the way she clipped mine. When they don’t bother to say a word, and walk through you like you’re a ghost. Let it spark the thought, and remind you, today you can change the world.